2015-04-23  [more]
New dimension of temperature control

Control of heating systems is entering a new dimension. The technical progress achieved thanks to fast development of communications (smartphones, tablets, etc.) is soon transferring onto ordinary home appliances. Now the time has come to get rid of all the knobs and dials. The new generation of temperature controllers follows in the direction of TFT screens – not only touchscreens (...)

2015-04-22  [more]
Hot News

Let's read the latest edition of the ELEKTRA Hot News where you will find the most recent information, among others: 30th anniversary, new products, quality standards and new projects.

2015-02-09  [more]
New concrete curing solution

Too low temperature has got a negative influence on binding of concrete – it is connected with a risk of freezing of water in the freshly laid concrete and consequent mechanical damage related to the increase (by over 9%) of water volume when freezing. The next risk is freezing of the surface of concrete and lack of complete binding in temperatures below 0C (...)

2014-09-12  [more]

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